2018 Audi A6, S6 Premium Plus, Prestige, Sport V6 quattro AWD Review
2018 Audi A6
Our Rating:
Power: 252 - 450 hp
Fuel Economy: 16 - 34 mpg
The Audi A6 is a well-engineered and sporty luxury sedan with seating for five. Powered by a choice of sophisticated turbo- and supercharged four-, six- and eight-cylinder engines with...
Sedan | Luxury Sedan, Performance Sedan
2018 BMW 5-Series, 530i, 530e, 540i, 540d, M550i, M5 xDrive Review
2018 BMW 5-Series
Our Rating:
Power: 248 - 600 hp
Fuel Economy: 16 - 36 mpg
The BMW 5-Series is a handsome luxury sedan featuring seating for five in a spacious and upscale interior that includes the latest in safety and comfort technology. Powered by a broad...
Sedan, Hybrid | Luxury Sedan, Hybrid Sedan
2018 Cadillac XTS Premium Luxury, Platinum, Vsport V6 Turbo, AWD Review
2018 Cadillac XTS
Our Rating:
Power: 304 - 410 hp
Fuel Economy: 16 - 28 mpg
The XTS benefits from the Cadillac's edgy trademark design, a spacious and high-quality interior, and substantial safety and multimedia equipment. It comes powered by either GM's...
Sedan | Luxury Sedan